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John K. Baldwin - Career History

30 Years of Experience in Financial and Asset Management, Real Estate Financing, and Investments.

John Kevin Baldwin has been involved in high-yield finance and asset management for almost (30) years.  From 1982 to 1987, John K. Baldwin worked on high-yield bond issues that financed the acquisition of public companies by entities interested in acquiring undervalued assets.

In 1987, John K. Baldwin formed a real estate development company and started developing land and building commercial structures, apartment house and single-family homes.  John K. Baldwin has build over 2,000 homes, 4,000 apartment unites and over 3,000,000 square-feet of commercial space.  In 1989 John K. Baldwin accepted a position managing assets for a wealthy U.S. Family.  John K. Baldwin made the day-to-day decisions necessary to manage the asset portfolio, which reached a peak value of $500+ Million.

In 1995, John K. Baldwin formed Bridge Capital, Inc., based in Las Vegas, Nevada, which arranged high-yield real estate loans for borrowers who had specific needs. John K. Baldwin continued to manage Bridge Capital, Inc. until 2003. Since 1995, John K. Baldwin has arranged over $1 Billion in high yield real estate financing for Bridge Capital borrowers. In 2003, John K. Baldwin moved his operations to the U.S. Virgin Islands where he became the Managing Member of Bridge Capital (USVI), LLC, which also made high yield real estate secured loans and invested in opportunistic situations.

John K. Baldwin’s primary investments over the last few years have been in the Northern Pacific Ocean with a special focus on investment opportunities in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. In 2006 he decided to move his financial services company to Saipan, the capital of the Northern Mariana Islands, so that his business headquarters would be geographically closer to his Asian investment activities. On January 2, 2007, Bridge Capital, LLC began its operations in Saipan.

While maintaining its activity in the USA, John K. Baldwin has overseen the company’s expansion in Thailand, Macau, Cambodia and Laos. With over USD250m of investment into these Asian markets, Bridge Capital has now developed a significant asset base in Asia including land holdings, hotels, casino’s, commercial and residential buildings as well as a licensed bank in Cambodia in which John K. Baldwin holds the title of President.

As of 2016, Bridge Capital, LLC and John K. Baldwin have been involved in major financial transactions, including participation in the placement of over US$2 billion in high yield loans, and the acquisition of over $4 billion in high yield debt and$1.5 billion in distressed debt.

Below is a chronology of John K. Baldwin’s professional history:

1977-1982          Principal of Baldwin, Varela & Co in Hollywood, CA
1982-1987          Managing Director of the Chesapeake Companies in Miami, FL
1987-1989          Self-employed real estate development
1989-1993          Vice President of TPM Financial, Inc in Palm Springs, CA
1993-1995          President of TPM Financial, Inc in Las Vegas, NV
1995-2003          President of Bridge Capital, Inc in Las Vegas, NV
2003-Present   Managing Member of Bridge Capital, LLC

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