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Bridge Capital sponsors Flame Tree Arts Festival, arts competition

By Dennis B. Chan
on Mar 16, 2015

Bridge Capital is donating $5,000 to support the Flame Tree Arts Festival next month and is also sponsoring over $13,000 in cash prizes for the 5th Annual CNMI Art Competition.  The $5,000 check was presented and the competition announced during the Thursday night street market. Bridge Capital chief asset manager Allen Perez, chief operations officer Jody Jordahl, and office manager Reneacia San Nicolas met with Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture executive director Angel S. Hocog earlier to discuss the event.
On Thursday night, Hocog thanked Bridge Capital on behalf of the administration and the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs.  The last time Bridge Capital sponsored the competition was two years ago in the 2013 festival.  The competition categories are Best of Show, Paintings, Wood-Carving and Others, Photography, Texter’s Choice Award, Governor’s Choice Award, and Best New Artist  In 2013, entries were shown in an exhibit covering the entire Susupe basketball court. This year they intend to do the same. Winners will be announced on stage during the festival.  In an interview, Hocog said he is excited for Bridge Capital’s involvement this year as its sponsorship will result in more artwork being submitted as entries to the festival.  “During our event, I see a lot of people stop by the artwork exhibit area. And they are always amazed to see hidden artworks that they haven’t been exposed to,” Hocog said.  Considering that next year is the biggest art festival in Guam, the Festival of the Pacific Arts, or FESTPAC, Hocog said the council is “rethinking its expenses” this year to save up for the event, which has invited as much as 150 delegates from the CNMI.  “Considering the number of delegates to bring down, we need to really work hard financially to support the participation in Guam,” he said. “This year, we are bringing something new. But we are not as extravagant as before, when we had showcases for different countries.”  He said this year would be a normal event, but they’d “pump it up” with the island’s own local talent and people.  About 70-plus artists were a part of last year’s festival, according to Hocog. This, out about 90 booths and vendors, including food sellers, he said.

View the original article from Saipan Tribune: http://www.saipantribune.com/index.php/bridge-capital-sponsors-flame-tree-arts-festival-arts-competition/

John K. Baldwin is the Founder and CEO of Bridge Capital in Saipan, CNMI. Known in the community as a strong supporter of many worthwhile causes, John Baldwin is particularly passionate
 in helping young artists succeed in life. Through his companies and the John K Baldwin Foundation, John Baldwin has contributed to numerous charities and made a positive impact in communities around the world. Learn more about John K Baldwin's charity work at by visiting the John K Baldwin Foundation website.

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