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Entertainment Industry

Ventures in Film and Entertainment:
Through Renegade Productions, Inc. formed in 1983, John K. Baldwin joint ventured productions of two major motion pictures and co-produced several others, including the first Country Western videos.

In 1985 Baldwin, Varela & Company, a Los Angeles based agency specializing in product placement, was formally founded.  Under the leadership charismatic nature of John Baldwin, the firm has established close working relationships with many highly regarded, award-winning film makers, including John Sayles, Martin Scorsese, Stephen Freas, Ron Howard, Norman Jewison and Robert Altman.  Baldwin, Varela & Company has worked on the corporate side on behalf of Tourism Canada, The United States Postal Service, Toshiba America, Arby's Restaurants, Hasbro Toys, Harris Computer Systems, Commodore Computer, Pioneer Electronics, Pepsi Cola, and Casio Corporation, among many others.  Baldwin, Varela & Company has or currently represents others under contract including The American Red Cross, Kraft, General Foods, Oscar Meyer Foods Corp., Michelin Tire Corporation and Infant Advantage.  Baldwin, Varela & Company also serves as entertainment industry consultant under contract to Philip Morris USA.  This Company was sold in 1996.

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