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Finance and Lending

Finance and Lending:
John Kevin Baldwin is the founder and current Chairman/CEO of Bridge Capital, LLC - an international investment banking and asset management company specializing in high-yield distressed debt acquisition and structuring, equity and debt placement, investment management and real estate secured lending. The company also provides management and consulting services to companies involved in commercial and residential real estate, land development, banking and loan origination. Under the visionary leadership of John K. Baldwin, Bridge Capital has sucessfully arranged over $1 Billion in high yield real estate financing for Bridge Capital borrowers since its inception in 1995.

1995 -  John K. Baldwin founded Bridge Capital, Inc., then based in Las Vegas Nevada.  Bridge Capital arranged high-yield real estate loans for borrowers who had specific needs.

2003 - Bridge Capital moved its operations to the US Virgin Islands where the company still pursued making high yield real estate secured loans and invested in opportunistic situations.

2006  - John K. Baldwin decided to move Bridge Capital to Saipan, the capital of the Northern Mariana Islands, so that his business headquarters would be geographically closer to his Asian investment activities. 

Bridge Capital, based in Saipan, CNMI is a direct hard money lender providing flexible transitional financing secured by commercial and other real estate. Bridge Capital's lending programs are designed to meet non-traditional loan requirements and can accommodate specialized financing needs under tight time constraints. Bridge Capital has the ability to directly fund loans up to $50 Million and to manage larger loans which maybe syndicated privately to a network of lenders and investors.

Bridge Capital has ASEAN region, as well as international, real estate lending and management expertise. Bridge Capital's ASEAN - PACIFIC loan portfolio includes loans on properties with great potential for luxury residential community development, entertainment resort development, and gaming resort projects.

Bridge Capital provides investment and management and advisory services through its affiliate companies involved in developing entertainment, banking, and business opportunities in emerging markets. Bridge Capital's affiliate companies are operating entities that often have great IPO potential in local and global equity markets. Bridge Capital analyzes distressed debt purchasing opportunities, seeking to purchase primarily real estate secured debt where the underlying value is substantially greater than the acquisition cost.

In a difficult economy, Bridge Capital's experience and services prove invaluable to it's numerous clients. Bridge Capital strives to create value for the firm and preserve value for its borrowers. Bridge Capital's executives and consultants are experts at the management of foreclosures, bankruptcies, and restructuring of secured debt.

While current difficulties in global credit markets threaten individual borrowers and lenders, the same difficulties represent an enormous opportunity for knowledgeable investors capable of analyzing and purchasing distressed assets and notes at greatly discounted prices. Bridge Capital is purchasing distressed assets being offered by various institutions and is also in contact with a network of private lenders reviewing pools of troubled-asset loans and distressed loans.  In addition to making loans, generally in commercial opportunities which are time or value driven, Bridge Capital's operations include managing affiliates that are involved in various business opportunities. 

John K. Baldwin manages the lending activity of Bridge Capital and is the current Chairman/CEO, and head of the company's investment committee. John Baldwin’s plans for the company include the acquisition and restructuring of at least $250 million in debt and assets in the next year.

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